Breaking News: Appointment of President Siven Tirvassen at the international level.

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Appointment  of President Siven Tirvassen at the international level.
Delegates from the 192 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies ratified the appointment of Me. Siven Tirvassen as a member of the Compliance and Mediation Committee. This appointment follows the recommendation of the Elections Committee and approved by the Board of Governance of the Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent for a 4-year term.
The other members are:
For Africa including Me. Tirvassen, Mr Jean Kabahizi from Burundi, Mr. Oforbuike Nwobodo from Nigeria. For Asia, Mr. Michael Legge of Australia, Mr. Ali Nashid of the Maldives, Mr. Rodolfo Reyes of the Philippines. For the Americans Dr. Denis Edwards of Jamaica, Mr. Joseph Pereles of the USA, Miss. Ana Laura Rodriguez of Espada from Uruguay. For Europe Mr Joseph Duro-Vidal of Andorra, Dr. Wolgang Kopetzky of Austria and Miss Sabina Mahbubi-Iran of Azerbaijan.

The Mauritius Red Cross Society congratulates the President for this international position in as much it is the first time that a representative of the MRCS accedes to a such position