The "Raid Cross" at Pointe Jerome Youth Training Centre

  November 2018 Raid Cross at Pointe Jerome Youth Centre 8

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The Mauritius Red Cross in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross conducted a « Raid Cross » on Friday 23rd November 2018 at Pointe Jerome Youth Training Centre. 

The Raid Cross was organized so that the participants are able to put International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Disaster Law (IDL) in practice. 

The Raid Cross is an activity that uses International Humanitarian Law as an Instrument for encouraging more extensive thought about human behavior. It focuses on the protection of life and human dignity in wartime and, more generally, in all the experiences of daily life.

Respect for IHL can help contain the escalation of violence, as well as the destruction and suffering caused by armed conflict. It can also promote a return to peaceful means of resolving conflicts that prevent unnecessary suffering and preserve human dignity.

Youngsters and professionals had that unique opportunity to put in practice what they’ve learned from the Italian Red Cross Delegation. 

You can learn more about Raid Cross via this link:


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